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We hate to bore – so as promised, a brief intro.

  • Michael Terry, Founder
    Ph 214-546-6864

    Michael focuses on strategic planning and business development at MBT&Co. He develops best practices and methodologies, spotting online trends and user experiences to maximize traffic and conversions. With Michael's background experience, he is cutting edge in front-end development and interface solutions. Michael constantly pushes the boundaries of innovative web design to maximize appeal.

Each new customer is an opportunity to build a lasting relationship, and MBT&Co. is a full service agency which brings brands to life. Consumers today respond to ideas, passion, innovation and compassion when making purchasing decisions. Enter MBT&Co., your personal guide to establishing genuine emotional connections with the marketplace.

We work in a variety of industries by helping companies understand their customers. Whether you are a startup or an established player, our campaigns are designed to influence, motivate, learn and develop audiences. Marketing today is about conversations, rather than one way messaging, and each element of our work, from design to content to targeting is built to motivate people to share, discuss, invest and connect with your brand.

Our work is guided by attention to detail in terms of data, personalities, market trends and methodology. By working with MBT&Co., you’ll get more out of your interactive campaigns. As a leading interactive marketing agency, our focus is on helping you grow a loyal customer base for the long run. We keep up with the latest technology to leverage creative campaigns in nearly every channel, while keeping true to our roots as product and service innovators. Explore our services, portfolio or contact us to take your brand to new heights.